Bonus: Family Traditions Thank you Cards

Hey, friend! I’m so happy to see you here. Thank you for confirming your subscription!

You are so amazing for downloading my printable list of family traditions you can do throughout the year. I hope you print it out and hang it on your fridge and TRY a few of these super fun ideas with your family.

Let me know what you think, just click here to comment on my blog post. I promise I read all your comments and I reply to as many of them as I can. I appreciate it when you take the time to communicate with me!

One of my favorite family traditions is remembering gratitude. I am always looking for ways to teach my kids to be grateful as well as remembering to do it myself. And one of the best ways to show gratitude for others is with good, old-fashioned thank you notes.

They are hand-written and can be delivered in person (with a plate of cookies? YUM!) or dropped in the mail. Who wouldn’t love to see an actual note from someone in with all the junk mail that shows up in our mailboxes these days?

And to show my gratitude to you for signing up for my family traditions printable, I have some cute, printable thank you notes to share with you. I would love to send each of you a handwritten note, but I hope this is the next best thing!

Just click below to download, print out a few on cardstock, gather up the family, and get writing!

Printable Thank your cards

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