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Stop juggling separate calendars that don’t sync and try Cozi Family Calendar–stop nagging and get organized!

Hi, I’m Katie! I am a mom of 5 and I have been using Cozi for years. I love that it syncs across devices instantly and that my kids can add their own activities or updates and I see them immediately.

I love that I can plan meals, create shopping lists, and create reminders for my husband all in one place. You can even add stuff to your grocery lists using Amazon’s Echo devices!

I wanted to share my love of this app and my favorite features, so I created this simple printable to help you get started with the Cozi app, get organized, and take your time back from the chaos the comes from disorganization.

I know you’re wondering, what’s the catch? Of course, something this amazing isn’t really free, or all the really useful stuff requires a subscription. It’s true, Cozi does have a paid plan ($19.99 a year) and it does come with some cool upgrades, but it is really not necessary to upgrade. Basic Cozi is still an amazingly useful tool.

Why wait? Grab your instant download of my best tips to get organized with Cozi!

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