About Me

Hi, I’m Katie and I am exploring this exciting new time of life as the kids grow up and leave and I rediscover myself and who I am.

I would like to help you enjoy your midlife. This is an exciting and scary time. The people whose needs superseded our own for so many years no longer need us in the same ways. They are off creating their own mark on the world and often creating families of their own. Which leaves us to recreate and rediscover our own lives. For people living today in their forties and fifties, there is often a good fifty years of life and adventure ahead of us. Let’s enjoy this journey!

I am really good at keeping it simple. Housekeeping, meals, and errands are planned around time spent with family and friends making memories, not the other way around. I love celebrating the holidays and the seasons without a lot of fuss or extra effort and expense. This is the time of life to focus on creating a new kind of parent-child relationship, moving into a new honeymoon phase with my husband, and exploring who I am apart from my identity at “Mom”.

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10 Things to Know About Me

  • I grew up in New Mexico (and yes, it is a state)
  • A good night’s sleep is one of my favorite things, maybe because it happens so rarely
  • I don’t really talk in groups of people, but if we are speaking one on one, you may never get me to shut up
  • I love popcorn and go to the movies exclusively for the popcorn
  • I love the spotlight and even had the lead and a solo in my 1st-grade class play
  • I clench my teeth in my sleep and have learned to do self facial massage to relax those muscles and save my poor teeth
  • I have been buying stuff on Amazon since all they sold was books because I love books
  • I am extremely grateful for the public library because otherwise I would have no money and need a second house to act as my personal library
  • I have 5 grown and mostly grown children who are amazing and independent young adults
  • I believe that the right playlist can make just about any disagreeable task more fun

P.S. I would love to hear from you. Feel free to drop me a line at katie at katiemerrill dot com or simply fill out the contact form below.

Originality is the best form of rebellion.

Mike Sasso

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