I love these fun, simple, thoughtful mother's day gift ideas. I am totally doing #10 this year for my mom!

11 Unique DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

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Check out these simple, fun, and unique DIY gift ideas just in time for mother’s day:

Idea #1

Mother’s Day Craft Ideas-press flowers in 3 minutes

This simple technique for drying flowers quickly is a great way to make a unique mother’s day gift for your mom. This is perfect for flowers growing in her garden or a great way to preserve a bit of a sentimental bouquet for her to enjoy for years to come. Plus you don’t have to wait weeks for the flowers to dry and they hold their shape much better than when pressed and dried the traditional way!

Idea #2

Thumbprint Heart Glass Magnets

thumbprint gem magnets

What a fun personalized and unique mother’s day gift. Simple enough to make thumbprint hearts even for the extremely crafting-challenged among us. **raises hand** This simple gift is useful and thoughtful and can be prominently displayed on her fridge.

Idea #3

Printable Funny Mother’s day cards

easy printable mother’s day cards

These cute printable cards make a unique gift sure to be appreciated by a mom or grandma with a sense of humor. I love these cards because I am still such a complete card giver, must be my 1980’s training, but I never give a gift without a card and the price of cards even in discount stores is crazy. I am all about saving money and being thoughtful.

Idea #4

How to Create an Easy Unique Mother’s Day Coupon Book

unique mother’s day coupon book you can make yourself

Moms are definitely suckers for coupon books! This idea for a coupon book as a unique mother’s day gift is perfect for someone who wants to shower their mom with love and help her out with chores. Definitely a win/win for any mom.

Idea #5

DIY Mother’s Day Photo Planter

rustic photo planter

If your mom loves flowers pictures of her kids/grandkids like like my mom loves them, then this is the perfect simple, unique, DIY mother’s day gift for you to make for her. The only thing hard about it is keeping the plant alive before you give it to her.

Idea #6

Creative DIY Mother’s Day Card With Pop Up Flowers

gorgeous, simple flower card

If you are little more crafting-savvy, this gorgeous handmade 3-D card is a perfect unique mother’s day gift for your favorite, unique mom.

Idea #7

This DIY Mother’s Day Gift Will Make Mom Love Her iPad Even More

personalized iPad case

If sewing is your thing, this adorable handmade iPad case is a unique mother’s day gift that will make your mom’s day. She will think of you and see your adorable face every time she uses her tablet. So basically she will be thinking about you ALL THE TIME. Look how clever you are!

Idea #8

Mother’s Day Sign

adorable, rustic gift for mom

When your mom loves rustic decor, what could be more perfect than a unique mother’s day gift that literally says I “love you”? You can give it to her with her favorite photos already attached or let her pick her own favorites and I love how easily she can change up the photos on this adorable gift.

Idea #9

DIY Mothers Day String Art Gift Idea from Daughter

diy string art for mom

If your mom loves rustic decor and you have a little bit more time on your hands, you can make this cute string-art version of the mom/favorite photo mother’s day gift. Or you can just click the link to watch the cute video of the teenage girl who made this unique gift her her mom.

Idea #10

Family Photo in a Photo

ultimate sentimental mother’s day gift

This sentimental and unique mother’s day photo gift is such a great idea. This one isn’t a tutorial, but it’s such a simple idea that no extra instructions are necessary. If you have the opportunity to make a photo like this, definitely do so!

Idea #11

Upcycled Mason Jar Lid Magnets

photo mason jar magnets

These easy mason jar lid photo magnets are a useful and cute unique mother’s day gift that your mom will love. Or, if you’re feeling kind of nuts, just make some for yourself and admire your crafting ability.

I hope you enjoyed these simple unique DIY gifts that you can make for your mom or your grandma or yourself. And remember you are loved and you are a great mom. I believe in you!

If you decide to try out one of these ideas, drop a line in the comments, I’d love to see how they turn out.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I love these fun, simple, thoughtful mother's day gift ideas. I am totally doing #10 this year for my mom!

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