small black chalkboard with a white heart and the name Kate printed on it

Kids Crafting Activity–Make Your Own Personalized Door Sign

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I don’t like to think of these crafting posts as tutorials, because I am sure to leave something out and I am definitely NOT an expert. I like to think of them as guides, inspiration to get your own creative juices flowing. Most of my projects are with thrift store finds/stuff I already have around the house. So take a look around you with fresh eyes, hit that garage sale or favorite thrift store and make some magic of your own! Because when you make it yourself, you get to enjoy the bragging rights.

If you are hosting a child’s party soon and are looking for activities to occupy and entertain them without spending a fortune, think about having a crafting station, with an easy, low-mess craft kids can make themselves, personalize, and take home.

Supplies Needed to host a Kids Crafting Activity–Make Your Own Personalized Door Sign

Tips for Hosting a Kids Crafting Activity–Make Your Own Personalized Door Sign

A brand new A Maker’s Studio stencil is very adhesive and may tear bits of itself off and stick to your project, so if using a brand new stencil on paper, place the stencil on a piece of cloth or other surface and remove a couple of times to lessen the adhesion.

If you worry that you will spread the ChalkArt past the stencil and on to your surface, use a piece or two of painter’s tape on the edge of the stencil to avoid extraneous ChalkArt on your piece.

Spreaders can be cut to a more manageable size with a pair of scissors for more detailed or smaller work. When done with the spreader, simply wash ink or paint off and reuse.

When hosting a crafting party, either with kids or adults, preparation is your friend! Cut stencils apart. Portion ChalkArt into small individual containers, get your cleanup station ready, cover your work surface, etc. Consider a dry run with your own kid so you can see where any bumps occur and plan for them.

When using A Maker’s Studio Stencils, they are not cut out completely, the stencil is a mesh that requires pushing the ink or paint through, not just laying the ink on top. Make sure to press the ChalkArt!

Dry stencils quickly with a hairdryer to facilitate the activity.

Clean the reusable stencil with water and a lint-free sponge and let dry adhesive side up. When the stencil is dry place protective backing on the adhesive side of stencil and store.

Remember ChalkArt is washable, that’s why you’re using it!

Hosting a Kids Crafting Activity–Make Your Own Personalized Door Sign 101

  • Protect your work surface and your clothing.
  • Before the party, attach ribbon hangers to the boards if necessary. Paint each board with two coats of Rescue Restore Paint in Little Black Dress and let dry overnight.
  • Prep all the materials for the party.
  • Adhere the letters from each child’s name to the prepared board, using painter’s tape.
  • Spread ChalkArt carefully onto stencil being sure to press through, remove each letter as you stencil it.
  • Let ChalkArt Dry.
  • Wash and dry stencils to be used for the next guest.
  • Rub the side of the piece of white chalk all over each board and wipe with fingers to season the chalkboard.
  • Let the kids decorate their board with their colored chalk, saving both to take home at the end of the party.
  • Let the kids enjoy the fantastic creations they made themselves!!
Small black chalkboard with a heart and the name Kate printed in white letters
Small black chalkboard with the name Kate and a heart printed in white.

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